In a society of tender feelings. Now you can't say something to somebody that's factually true. If truth hurts, you're not supposed to say it. I mean,...View Details

The fitness industry has spawned tens of thousands of online fitness professionals, personalities, life coaches, health coaches, and straight-up scamm...View Details

There hasn't been more confusion and misinformation in the health and fitness space than there is right now. If only it were as easy as simply picking...View Details

Unmanaged stress comes up a lot. So much so we're running by a few tactics on stress management again. Simply acknowledging that you're "stressed" or ...View Details

With Barbara Brodowsky -

With nearly 30 years in the fitness industry, Barb has seen all the good and bad the field has to offer. We invited Barb on the show to share her thou...View Details

Living With Purpose

If you can keep your focus on the greater mission you can truly find the path to living with purpose. It's not easy to keep yourself protected from th...View Details

This is the episode where your excuses go to die. Our last show focused on the support system we all need to be successful in life - this show gets to...View Details

We put out a survey post on social media asking if folks would support their significant other on a weight loss journey (regardless of how many previo...View Details

This is a tough topic. Being overweight or obese is now more common than not. With only 30% of the population identifying as "normal" or "under" weigh...View Details

Having an understanding of nutritional basics will not only help you make smarter decisions you'll understand the ramifications of the choices you do ...View Details

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