We're excited to introduce Jackson Miller as our success spotlight on this episode. Having recently lost his wife of 20 years to cancer, his boot from...View Details

There are literally hundreds of fitness options available for even the pickiest consumer. Introvert ... no problem, stream fitness to the basement. No...View Details

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means there is a greater opportunity to take-in more food and drink calories while simultaneously produc...View Details

Happy 50th BTDB Listeners!!ย  It's not all about what the scale says - seeing progress on the scale doesn't correlate to adopting a healthy lifestyle. ...View Details

Lots of folks work hard to hide their age. Mostly these are attempts to change the external image of one's self while downplaying or ignoring what's g...View Details

In a society of tender feelings. Now you can't say something to somebody that's factually true. If truth hurts, you're not supposed to say it. I mean,...View Details

The fitness industry has spawned tens of thousands of online fitness professionals, personalities, life coaches, health coaches, and straight-up scamm...View Details

There hasn't been more confusion and misinformation in the health and fitness space than there is right now. If only it were as easy as simply picking...View Details

Unmanaged stress comes up a lot. So much so we're running by a few tactics on stress management again. Simply acknowledging that you're "stressed" or ...View Details

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