This is an unbelievably inspiring story about the strength of the human spirit. Heather gets candid with us about the event that changed the course of...View Details

It's the new year - you may have felt pressured to start a new year fitness program, kick some bad habits, or just get your sh*t together. There are t...View Details

Holiday Show - Part II

The nutrition side of the conversation and how to keep up with the difficult peeps on your life in food-filled wine-fest. :)

This is the greatest birthday song ever sung 🤣😂!!! Happy Birthday to Mrs. Weeney.Birfday Cake ... Written and performed by Omar K. Mills IG @omarkmill...View Details

Holiday Show - Part I

Part one of a two-part series on ... nothing much at all. 😂 Chatting about what we love about the holidays and how to not come out on the other side o...View Details

At some point, the training wheels have to come off. No guru, graduate program, certification, mentor, or "coach" can get you to the top. Too many tim...View Details

Being Ugly …

Being ugly just to be ugly is a nasty condition that is running rampant in our society. Whether its opposing religious or political views or stirring ...View Details

Breaking Plateaus -

Plateaus happen - how you handle them can determine your success in the gym, your personal life, your professional life... whatever. Recognize that yo...View Details

We're excited to introduce Jackson Miller as our success spotlight on this episode. Having recently lost his wife of 20 years to cancer, his boot from...View Details

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